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SAHARAS Hot Nuts are heated in our dispensers, which forms the centre of the SAHARAS System. The smart dispenser designed to look the same at home as it does in modern bars, and other venues like cinemas, hotels, and more.  Overall there are three kinds of dispensers available for you. The Scoop and serve dispensers, in which the nuts are served in a cup directly from the dispenser, and two types of heating cabinets in which the nuts are stored at the optimal temperature. The heating cabinets are available both for retail bags on hangers, or for loose cups on shelves.


Our P&P500 (pull&pick) is our newest patent pending dispenser. It is designed to look amazing at the counter next to the beer taps. Optimized to take up minimum space, and optimized for operation.

It holds either 28 pcs 75 gram pre packed cups or 20 pcs 110 gram cups.

It’s designed with focus on quality, and durability. Built in 50 watt heating element, and LED lightning

Size: 53 x 25 x 25 cm.

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Our vertical heater is designed for minimum foot print, making it possible to fit at the already packed counter.

We have designed the VH230 for the fast consumer goods store, to ensure our customers double satisfaction when served heated.

The VH230 is designed for our 60 gram bags. Holds 20 bags.

Built in 65 watt heating element, and LED lightning

Size: 42 x 26 x 20 cm.


In the scoop and serve dispensers the chili nuts are poured into the dispenser and heated for optimum taste

30 years of continuous research and development has enabled the SAHARAS dispenser to keep the Hot Nuts in perfect condition for longer. Only the nuts at the bottom of the dispenser are kept heated, ensuring the rest remain in peak condition. Its ingenious design ensures that the heated nuts at the bottom of the dispenser are always used first. The dispenser is simply refilled from the top, obtaining a natural continuing stock rotation.

Size: 56 x 24 x 24 cm. Holds 3 kg. loose nuts

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SAHARAS heating cabinets are for retail bags on hangers or loose nuts in cups on shelfes. In these heating cabinets the nuts are kept at an optimal temperature for the best taste.

The cabinets are particulairly usefull for retailers that sell a large amount of nuts, and wish to minimize the customer transaction time at the cash register. The heating cabinet has proven very succesfull, among others in Cinemas – theatres – amusement parks – bowling centers – festivals etc.

Size: 72 x 32 x 43 cm. Holds 48 pre-packed cups