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The Brand In a Nutshell

Establishing a strong brand is about much more than selling a product. It is about building an image that consumers are drawn to and identify with due to the idea, promise, and experience it represents.

That is our aim with SAHARAS.

Comprised of high quality nuts, stylish dispensers, serving cups, and point of sales material, our concept has a strong visual image designed to convey exclusivity, freshness, and fun.

In order to consolidate our brand idea in consumer minds, we have to deliver a consistent product and uniform service – ensuring consumers get what they expect and look forward to, each and every time. The ability to do so is critical in keeping the SAHARAS brand promise of a sociable, feel-good experience. Any failure to live up to the promise is likely to have a long-term negative impact.

The maintenance of our brand hallmark requires constant attention. To this end, we have established a set of values that keep our goals in view.

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Strong branding requires more than just a strategy and a unique and memorable trade mark. Today, it is important for companies to have an appropriate and believable brand personality as well. The graphic concept used for visualisation is crucial in maintaining our brand personality.

Our brand personality is:

  • Positive and informal
  • Cheerful and inspiring
  • Self-confident, but not arrogant
  • Forward-thinking but down-to-earth
  • Innovative yet practical
  • Responsive and human, as well as business-like and professional

We want to be portrayed as a dynamic company that knows where it is going but never loses sight of its customers’ʼ needs and its place in the communities it serves. Whether in a brochure, on our website, or in an advert, the colours, imagery, typographic style and language we use all help convey our desired brand personality. These guidelines are designed to show you how.

And, if in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. That’s why we are here.

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