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The Whole (Nut)case – Our Concept

Based on our original ambition to develop a fun, tasty snack for people to share and enjoy, we defined a clear-cut approach to our product and markets. In short, we aim to provide:

  •  High quality nuts with a tasteful sweet chili flavour
  • A special coating that stays crisp and fresh in the SAHARAS dispenser, preventing greasy fingers
  • Nuts served hot in hygienic SAHARAS cups for an elevated snack experience
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With delicious hot nuts served from stylish, space-saving dispensers and decorative cups, SAHARAS is a great way to grow bar profits.

When you sell SAHARAS to your customers, you sell a package solution with a distinctive look that speaks louder than words.

Delicious hot nuts

SAHARAS Hot Nuts are produced exclusively for us in The Netherlands by one of Europe’s leading processed nut manufacturers. Comprised of 50% nut and 50% wheat-based coating, the snack contains only natural, non-genetically-modified ingredients. The use of non-hydrogenated vegetable oil – liquid palmin – means the nuts are entirely free of trans-fats.

The ingredient declaration is printed on the back of each packaging. This and all other product information can be downloaded from

Quality assurance

Purchased from high quality sources, the raw nuts are closely inspected upon arrival at the production plant. Only nuts of size 60/70 are used to achieve product uniformity.

An electrostatic coating process ensures a consistent coating with every batch. Using far less oil than other coating systems, this process extends product shelf life and makes the nuts less greasy to touch. It also enables the nuts to withstand repeated heating, staying crisp without becoming dry and powdery.

Food safety

Impeccable food safety standards are applied with every batch of SAHARAS. Recognised risk control systems guarantee optimum food safety throughout production and warehouse storage.

All nuts are rigorously tested for aflatoxin to safeguard against the health risk associated with these fungus- based toxic compounds.

Today, our supplier holds certificates that confirm the plant meets the requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and ISO 22000:2005 food safety management standards. The plant also holds a BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard – Food, Grade B certificate and an AIB Consolidated Standards for Food Safety certificate of achievement, rating: excellent.

Individual batch numbers mean the nuts can, at all times, be traced back to source. Should the need arise to remove a batch from the market, we have an efficient withdrawal


procedure in place in accordance with current legal requirements.

SAHARAS Hot Nuts are stored in warehouses in the UK and The Nederlands, where food safety standards are regularly monitored. In addition to our annual warehouse audit, we are provided with detailed documentation of warehouse cleaning and vermin control measures.

Shelf life

SAHARAS Hot Nuts are packed for optimum freshness during storage.

The coated nuts have a nine to sixteen-month shelf life from the date of production. Once the packaging is opened, laboratory tests have shown that the nuts will be fresh for up to 21 days. At the end of this time, they should be discarded.

This lab test has been carried out by the independent CTS Agri-Food laboratory (NL).

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